The Best of the Beast, April 21-April 27

Our favorite stories for your weekend reading list.

Female Journalist Gets Rape Threats Over Comic Book Criticism
By Tauriq Moosa

After criticizing the new ‘Teen Titans’ cover, Janelle Asselin was name-called and threatened with rape. The worst part? No one is surprised.

Jihadists Now Control Secretive U.S. Base in Libya
By Eli Lake

A camp on the Libyan coastline meant to train terror-hunters has instead become a haven for terrorists and al Qaeda.

The Secret World of Drug Addict Doctors
By Kent Sepkowitz

News of doctor and nurse drug overdoses hit the press this week, highlighting an ongoing (and growing) problem.

Did the Virgin Mary Warn Rwanda's Holiest Town of the Genocide?

By Nina Strochlic

Ten years before the brutal genocide, a religious fervor gripped Kibeho as dozens claimed the Virgin Mary had appeared to them. One of the chosen recalls her disturbing prophecy.

Molly, a carriage horse, makes her way down a midtown street on the way to Central Park with driver Colm Glennon, unseen, in New York, U.S., Friday, February 21, 2014. (Victor Blue/Bloomberg via Getty )

Central Park’s Carriages Saved This Horse
By Michael Daly

New York City’s mayor says the carriage horse industry is inhumane, but what about the grim alternative for the animals? Meet Roger, the horse saved from slaughter by a carriage driver.

From ‘Clueless’ to Clueless
By Lizzie Crocker

Diapers are ‘pseudoscience.’ Dairy leaves ‘toxic sludge’ in your uterus. And whatever you do, don’t use tampons! Plus six more claims from the actress’s new book of amazing promises.

Why Does the Art World Coddle James Franco?
By Jessica Dawson

The art world loves the star attention the actor brings so much so that it accepts his ‘art’ without much scrutiny. In his new exhibit, though, Franco goes a step too far.

Getty, Justin Horrocks

Our Photoshopping Disorder: The Truth in Advertising Bill Asks Congress to Regulate Deceptive Images
By Erin Cunningham

The media has been on a rampage against severely Photoshopped images, particularly of young women. Now a new bill calls on Congress to get involved. But is it really a political issue?

Google’s Kinda Evil After All
By Joel Kotkin

The $300 million payout from tech giants like Google and Apple to settle a lawsuit brought by employees makes it clear that Silicon Valley is out for profit, not to change the world.

Recruits of the Afghan National Army practice to fight, near Kabul, Afghanistan. (Ulrich Ladurner/laif/Redux)

The Real Winner of the Afghan War Is This Shady Government Contractor
By Jacob Siegel

The State Department paid out $4 billion to rebuild Afghanistan. Some $2.5 billion of that went to a single firm with a bad, bad past.

America, Presenting Your New Addiction: ‘The Archers’
By Tim Teeman

For over 60 years, the world’s longest running radio serial has kept its dedicated British audience agog. Now, with fresh chaos brewing after a botched wedding, it’s the perfect time for Americans to get the habit.

How Pharma Holds Back in the War on Cancer
By Jake Bernstein, ProPublica

Big Pharma’s focus on blockbuster cancer drugs squeezes out cheaper treatments. The result, one researcher says: ‘If we’re winning the war on cancer, we’re not winning that fast.’


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