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Donald Sterling’s Former Mistress Makes the “Paparazzi Shield” Chic; Cara Delevingne Has Self-Grooming Eyebrows

And Lorde calls out photographer for "stalking."

05.05.14 6:00 PM ET

Donald Sterling’s Former Mistress Makes the “Paparazzi Shield” Chic: As the media frenzy swooped down on L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his racist remarks, his former mistress V. Stiviano has also landed in the paparazzi spotlight. In order to fend off the flashes and keep her face out of the tabloids, Stiviano turned to the “Paparazzi Visor,” spawning this summer’s next fashion trend. Until her appearance, SAINTCHiC had only sold a handful of the reflective faceguards in the nine months that they were offered through its online store. Over the weekend, however, over 600 were ordered. “It’s so unexpected, but it’s perfect,” SAINTCHiC owner Gingie McLeod told NY Daily News. “There’s so many people who don’t want to be looked at.” [NY Daily News]

Cara Delevingne Has Self-Grooming Eyebrows: Departing from JFK airport on Saturday, TMZ caught up with the international model with one question on their mind: How does Delevingne keep her eyebrows so “magnificient?” “Umm…they maintain themselves,” she responded when asked whether or not they were threaded, plucked, or waxed. “They groom themselves…they’re like a cat that licks her own fur.” Also breaking: apparently, Delevingne and Sienna Miller are “schnoystering,” whatever that means. [Fashionista]

Lorde Calls Out Photographer For “Stalking”: Over the weekend, 17-year-old Lorde took to Twitter to enlighten the world on the existence of an alleged aggressive paparazzo, Simon Runting. “This man has been stalking me, photographing me and refusing me privacy,” the Australian singer tweeted alongside a photo of Runting, adding that she is “scared of him.” While the songstress understands “that this comes with the territory,” she refuses “to stay complicit” and “stay passive about men systematically subjecting [her] to extreme fear.” [Cosmopolitan]