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50 Cent and the Worst Celebrity First Pitches

He’s a hustler, not a damn ball player. (His words, obviously.) From Mariah Carey to Justin Bieber, see the worst celebrity first pitches.

50 Cent

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At Citi Field on Tuesday night, 50 Cent threw a truly horrendous first pitch. While we’re not exactly sports experts, we’re pretty sure 50’s pitch was downright embarrassing and decidedly swag-free. An embarrassed 50 quickly commented on the pitch via Instagram, insisting, “I’m a hustler not a Damn ball player.” On the bright side, a video of 50 Cent hasn’t gone viral like this since 2005.

Mariah Carey

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She is Mariah…The Unprepared Pitcher. Mariah Carey made this bold baseball debut in Japan, sporting enormous heels, tiny denim shorts, and an artfully half-zipped pink bomber jacket. Unfortunately, her painstaking approach to “fashion” didn’t translate into a practiced pitch.

Dick Cheney

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Whether he’s shooting a friend in the face or throwing a first pitch, former Vice President Dick Cheney’s aim is famously flawed. However, this throw isn’t actually all that bad—but it’s the crowd’s raucous boos and Cheney’s embarrassed, sheepish shuffle that truly hit the mark.

Justin Bieber

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This wonky first pitch offers further proof that Justin Bieber struggles with the definition of a straight line.

Carly Rae Jepsen

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When you give a Canadian a baseball…worst first pitch ever, maybe?

Tiffany Hwang

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It’s hard to pinpoint the saddest part of this first pitch by South Korean pop star Tiffany Hwang—the nearly empty stadium, the inexplicable cat ears, or the throw itself.


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Kardashians are kontractually obligated to stay together; kan’t pitch for their lives. #WorldsMostTalkedAboutGroupFirstPitch

Baba Booey

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Radio personality Baba Booey famously lowered the bar for celebrity pitches everywhere with this 2009 throw. He actually hit an umpire! Even we know that’s poor form.