Merry Christmas from the World’s Best Directors

'The Auteurs of Christmas 2' shows us the holidays as directed by Chaplin, Tarantino and more.

In what looks to be the start of a holiday tradition, Fourgrounds Film has unveiled a follow-up to their 2013 holiday viral hit The Auteurs of Christmas. In their latest, they show us what Christmas morning would look like if more of the world’s best and most recognizable filmmakers were in charge of directing.

A Tarantino Christmas includes guns, dancing, and slicing Santa’s ear off. Michael Bay’s Christmas ends in explosions. And of course, a Godard Christmas is very, very French.

With only a handful of great directors between the two videos, Fourgrounds can keep this going for years. One can only hope they’re coordinating a horde of samurai on horseback for a Kurosawa Christmas next year.