Croatian Model Stabs Identical Twin Over A Man

The lovely Sara Grkovic was on her way to the big time in the Balkans until a love triangle with her identical twin erupted in violence over the weekend.

02.02.15 8:20 PM ET

Sisterly love apparently means something different in Croatia than it does in other parts of the world.

On Saturday night, Sara Grkovic, a 22-year-old model well known in the Balkan state from her appearances in print and television, allegedly stabbed her identical twin sister, Dajana, in the chest and thigh with a kitchen knife after a row over a love interest. Dajana survived the stabbing but remains in critical care in a Rijeka hospital. The model is being held pending 100,00 kuna ($150,000) bail.

The two sisters were not exactly soul mates, according to local Croatian media. Although they were identical twins, the local press reports that they argued constantly about which twin was prettier. Sara, who had recently won a modeling competition in which her sister also competed, apparently had aspirations to be a reality film star along the lines of Kim Kardashian—but unlike the Kardashian clan, she wanted nothing to do with her own sister on her trajectory to stardom.

According to the UK Mirror tabloid, which apparently has a Croatian reporter on the scene, a neighbor said that the two girls were hard to tell apart. “They were always immaculately groomed and polite, and as alike as two peas in a pod,” the neighbor reportedly said. “I never knew which one was passing me in the corridor but they always said hello.”

According to local Croatian press reports, the two were fiercely jealous of each other and had recently argued about a man whom Sara had been seeing, but who had started up an affair with Dajana, whom he supposedly preferred. The near fatal argument over the weekend, in the home the girls shared with their mother, was the culmination of the jealous frenzy. “They were apparently arguing about a man they both liked. He seems to have settled down in a relationship with Dajana and Sara was not happy about it,” a different neighbor told local Croatian reporters, according to press reports. “I never would have thought it would come to her trying to kill her sister though.”

According to the Croation media outlet Novi, authorities are now considering whether to charge Sara with attempted murder or aggravated assault.