Zoolander and Hansel Trash Trump on SNL: ‘Orange Mocha Crappucino’

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson brought their male model-geniuses to Weekend Update Saturday night to review the best and worst looks from the campaign trail.

02.07.16 9:18 AM ET

Before the sequel to their 2001 comic masterpiece arrives in theaters, Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander and Owen Wilson as Hansel stopped by Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update to give their professional takes on the fashion choices of 2016’s presidential candidates.

“Well, you know, Hillary is from the ‘90s, which is really hot right now,” Hansel said, before Zoolander compared her wardrobe to that of one of his “all-time fashion icons” Kim Jong-un. “Not to name drop, but I’m pretty good friends with his sister, Kim Kardashi-un.”

On the night’s other big guest star, Zoolander added, “Bernie is a champion of the 99 percent—apparently the 99 percent off at J.C. Penny’s.”

After mistaking Ted Cruz for Tom Cruise, the pair moved on to the candidate they can relate to the most: the spray-tanned, duck-faced Donald Trump. While Zoolander is known for “Blue Steel,” Trump has his own array of signature looks from “Orange Mocha Crappucino” to “Hot Mess” to, after Iowa, “Second Place.” Burn.