Jimmy Fallon’s Trump Mocks Chris Christie: ‘He’s Like My Mini-Me, Except Bigger’

With an ‘unblinking’ Christie by his side, Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump celebrated a big Super Tuesday victory, taking shots at rivals Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio.

03.03.16 8:50 AM ET

Jimmy Fallon brought out his Donald Trump impression once again Wednesday night to re-create the presumptive GOP nominee’s Super Tuesday victory press conference. And he began by thanking a cardboard cutout of Chris Christie for his “unblinking support.”

“I love this guy—he’s fantastic,” Fallon said of Trump’s most prominent supporter. “He’s like my Mini-Me, except bigger. He’s my Mega-Me.”

Just like in real life, Fallon’s Trump took questions from reporters on controversial issues like his refusal to disavow the David Duke and the KKK. “I love the KKK,” he said. “Kim, Kourtney, Khloe—they’re fantastic people, I’ve known them a long time.” He also said he would have no problem with an endorsement from the Nazi Party, noting that he has no problem with people who can “not see.”

Pivoting to the general election, he told the press that he had just called Hillary Clinton to inform her that, “In 2008, you lost to a black man, but in 2016, you’re going to lose to an orange man. That’s right, orange is the new black.”