Caitlin Dickson is a former reporter at The Daily Beast. She has also written for The New Republic, The Atlantic Wire, and The Spectator.

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From nation-wide classroom walkouts to the streets of NYC, outrage has trickled down to elementary schools—and children are out demonstrating, too.

NO. 1

Just last week an anti-government extremist ambushed and killed a police officer after setting his own house on fire. One ex-police chief is telling local law enforcement how to spot the greatest threat to their lives.

A Once Savage Nation

Talk Radio Network was the house that wingnuts built, with its on-air talent peddling radical views. It took over America’s airwaves—until it ran into trouble.

No Deal

The joy among those who could stop fearing deportation was tempered by fears for the long-suffering people the president’s executive order wouldn’t cover.