David Kirkpatrick writes about technology for the Daily Beast. A former Fortune reporter, he is the author of The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company that is Connecting the World.

What topics are dominating the hallways and panels at the World Economic Forum? From low-income countries to Larry Summers, David Kirkpatrick on six things everyone is talking about.

uProtect.it, a new application from Reputation.com, enables users to restrict who can see their data on Facebook. David Kirkpatrick tracks down Reputation.com CEO Michael Fertik in Davos for more details on the tech bombshell—from its implications in revolts like Tunisia to whether it’ll be banned by Facebook.

As entire tech world returns from the Consumer Electronics Show, David Kirkpatrick reports on what was hot. From iPad rivals, 3-D televisions, these are the devices the pros are buzzing about.

Marissa Mayer, the executive behind Google's search engine, now aims to help the company conquer social media and personalize your Web experience on mobile phones. She talks to David Kirkpatrick about her war with Facebook.

Far from turning up the heat for Facebook to go public, Goldman Sachs' $450 million investment, along with Digital Sky's $50 million more, may actually delay the social-networking giant's IPO, says David Kirkpatrick.

Buying the discount email company Groupon—for a staggering $5.3 billion, no less—would only reinforce the feeling that Google, the company to beat in tech, is suffering a crisis of confidence.

With the social giant’s unveiling of its new messaging service today, Mark Zuckerberg has declared war on Google—and the idea of websites. David Kirkpatrick, author of the Facebook Effect, on what it means—and why Facebook may now go public.

Radically improved online searches, real-time updates of Facebook friends’ walls—RockMelt, which just launched in beta, is an intriguing competitor to Firefox and Chrome. David Kirkpatrick talks to its founder.