Douglas Rushkoff, a professor of media studies at The New School University and producer and correspondent for the PBS Frontline Digital Nation project, is the author of numerous books, including Cyberia, ScreenAgers, Media Virus, and, most recently, Life Inc.

The Apple-Google war has entered a new front: cellphones. Douglas Rushkoff on how control of a company called AdMob will determine what messages pop up on your mobile device.

Apple sued the Google phone’s creator yesterday, citing patent infringement. Douglas Rushkoff on Steve Jobs’ dilemma: How do you become the standard if you attack those who adopt it?

Today Steve Jobs finally presented his highly anticipated new tablet computer, the iPad. Douglass Rushkoff on how it could cannibalize Apple’s own product line—and make your Mac obsolete.

Is the search giant’s China firestorm a smokescreen for a far larger problem? Douglas Rushkoff on how your entire life, as stored on Google’s servers, may now be there for the taking.

The anarchists of 4chan just unleashed an old weapon—hardcore porn—on a new target: YouTube. But, as Douglas Rushkoff reports, they may simply be confirming their enemy's dominance.

Technology has changed your brain over the past ten years, mostly for the worse. Douglas Rushkoff on Internet-driven ADD, virtual-reality delusions, and how computers changed how you think.

The golfer’s naughty messages came back to bite, but it could get far worse for him—and you. Douglas Rushkoff reveals how companies keep every text, email and voicemail you send. Forever.

Suddenly Murdoch and Microsoft are on the right side against the Google. Douglas Rushkoff says the two oft-despised companies are the best hope to defeat the Evil Empire.

The News Corp. billionaire is threatening to pull his newspapers’ content from Google searches. Douglas Rushkoff on why it may take a real conservative to save journalism from the free Web.

After the search giant upgraded its social-networking tools yesterday, Douglas Rushkoff says its battle with Facebook might come with collateral damage: your real-life friendships.