Eric Pape has reported on Europe and the Mediterranean region for Newsweek Magazine since 2003. He is co-author of the graphic novel Shake Girl, which was inspired by one of his articles. He has written for the Los Angeles Times magazine, Spin, Reader’s Digest, Vibe, Courrier International, Salon, and Los Angeles from five continents. He is based in Paris. Follow him at

As a missionary, Mitt Romney got a deferment from Vietnam, traveled to France—and was nearly killed in a car accident.

Stay in L.A.

The offer may seem irresistible, but beware the sky-high taxes, extreme fans, and general hatred of the rich. Eric Pape makes the case for Becks to say non to Paris Saint-Germain.

With his killer abs and fiery temper, France's new ambassador to Tunisia triggered an international incident after a swimsuit photo—and some undiplomatic videos—hit the Web. Eric Pape on why some are saying the Abs-bassador must resign.

Haiti's infamous dictator stunned his homeland by suddenly returning after years of exile in Paris. Eric Pape on Duvalier’s bid for redemption in his strife-torn homeland.

The city of Paris found some of the famed director’s photography to be so provocative that minors are banned from a new exhibit. Eric Pape on the controversy.