Jamie Dettmer is an American-British journalist and broadcaster. He has worked for The Times of London, Newsweek, Sunday Telegraph, Washington Times, New York Sun, the Scotsman and The Hill. He has reported from Europe, Latin America and Africa, the Indian sub-continent and Russia and has covered Capitol Hill, U.S. politics and national security and the American intelligence community. Currently, as well as reporting on the Mideast for the Daily Beast, he broadcasts also for Voice of America, and has variously been based out of Beirut, Tripoli and Istanbul. He has had several trips into war-torn Syria. He spent also five months last year reporting from the front-lines on the conflict in east Ukraine and from Crimea and Kyiv. Read his blog at jamiedettmer.com

Mustard Gas

The so-called Islamic State appeared to use a crude WMD in Iraq this week. But that’s just one of many problems tearing apart the forces Washington wants deployed on the ground.

Jihad Nauseam

Only good intelligence gathering can stop terror attacks before they begin, and that’s harder to do post-Snowden. Meanwhile jihadist targets are getting ever more random.


The so-called Islamic State is preparing to defend its capital in Syria against a major counteroffensive.


A new mosque has opened in Doha’s ‘Education City’ alongside U.S. university campuses. But what it’s teaching is the hate that’s on the ISIS curriculum.