Casey Anthony's Palm City Hideout?


Where's Casey?

Where is 25-year-old Casey Anthony?  Since her notorious acquittal last July in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, and her subsequent release from jail in Orlando, reporters and Internet sleuths have been on her trail in a largely fruitless search. Recently – and mysteriously – released video diaries Anthony made only ensure that the so-called “Tot Mom” remains in the headlines, if out of public sight.

In the search for where those videos were made and where Anthony has been spending her time several sources directed The Daily Beast to an address here in this tucked away community along Florida’s central Treasure Coast, a two-hour drive southeast of Orlando.  It’s a place touted for its good schools, low crime rate and is described as peaceful community.  It’s also just a few miles from Port St. Lucie where Jerry Lyons, the defense team’s private detective, lives.  

The information about Anthony’s whereabouts supplied to The Daily Beast included a specific address that turned out to be the Cross Church of Palm City

The Cross Church complex includes several buildings, a Christian Academy and a small bridge that leads to a blue colored ranch style house on the westernmost side of the property. The Daily Beast's sources suspect – but our reporter could not confirm – that this is the house in which Anthony lived while receiving guidance from the church's pastor, Steve Camp.

A closer view of the house on the Cross Church's compound, where it's suspected Casey Anthony had been staying after her acquittal.

A strip mall in Palm City, Fla.

An Italian restaurant in the town.

The marquee of a sports bar in Palm City.