Behar: Is Janet Napolitano Gay?

Should Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano be expecting an apology? On The Joy Behar Show Monday night, as the conversation between Behar and two gay guests, actors Bryan Bratt and columnist Dan Savage, turned to gay rights, Behar mentioned that she had been talking about the subject with Napolitano on ABC’s The View earlier in the day. After Savage mentioned that Napolitano has taken action on behalf of immigrant widows but not yet on gay rights, Behar shot back: “Now why would she do that? Isn’t she gay?” After a hiccup of silence, both Bratt and Savage replied, “I’ve never slept with her.” Behar, seemingly trying to salvage the moment, sad “You know what guys? Neither have I.” Napolitano is unmarried and has previously stated she is “not gay.”