The CIA's 'Salt Pit'

Seven years ago, a suspected Afghan militant named Gul Rahman was found shackled, half-naked, and dead in a CIA compound in Kabul known as the Salt Pit. The Associated Press recently learned of Rahman’s name, which had been unknown for some time until confirmed by a former U.S. official and others. Rahman is the only known death, but his fatality helped lead investigations into the detention and interrogation procedures used by the CIA. Although the Obama administration shut down such prisons last year, it is unclear whether any officers have been held responsible for Rahman’s death, raising concern over the CIA’s accountability in its interrogation practices. “I was left naked, sleeping on the barren concrete,” said Dr. Ghairat Baheer, who was taken captive with Rahman. His toilet was a bucket, and interrogators would hang him naked for hours and tie him to a chair and sit on his stomach, he said. Since the discovery of Rahman’s body, several reports have been conducted without conclusive action.