Teen Sailor Sent Into Danger

This really isn't helping with that Parents of the Year Award for the Sunderlands: A former producer for the family's reality-television show that never came to fruition, Adventures in Sunderland, told that 16-year-old sailor Abby was sent around the world at a particularly dangerous time because a sponsor threatened to pull out of the show if she did not leave by January 31, despite the storm season in the Indian Ocean. Ted Caloroso, who said he pulled out of the show because he became worried about Abby's safety, also said Abby's father Laurence sent her on an even more daring trip than the one her brother made the year before: She had to round the dangerous Cape Horn in South America. "I really began to fear she might die," Caloroso told Caloroso said the Sunderlands' claim that they backed out of the reality show because of concern for Abby's safety are false, and that the show had already begun filming.