Second Acts

John Edwards' Strange Life Now

AP Photo

John Edwards still likes to have a good time, as Diane Dimond has reported in The Daily Beast. The former presidential candidate can be spotted around Durham, North Carolina having a glass of wine at one bar or tearing up the dance floor to "Rump Shaker." ("He was happy to be with people who weren't going to judge him," said one fellow bar-goer of the night Edwards dance to the 1992 rap hit.) Former advisers are worried about the troubled politician, though. Gabriel Sherman reports in The New Republic that they were telling reporters that Edwards was suicidal following the 2008 campaign. His life out of the public eye is strange: Edwards is just as likely to wind up at Wendy's these days as in Haiti doing relief work. Estranged wife Elizabeth, who will be on the Today Show and Larry King Wednesday promoting her book, wasn't so pleased with John's attention-grabbing trip to the earthquake-stricken island. "She wanted him hunkered down somewhere with his mouth shut," said the leader of the volunteer group Edwards joined. Facing legal battles, Edwards doesn't have the time to begin any kind of work again and his circle of confidants has dwindled. But Edwards still knows how to win them over. Just this spring he was bragging to a friend about how young women still flirt with him when he's out and about.