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Chelsea Clinton’s Rhinebeck Wedding

Sometimes the story is that there is no story. Trying to investigate Chelsea Clinton’s pre-wedding activities in Rhinebeck, New York, The New York Times was only met with stonewalling. Anyone involved in the wedding, from gift-bag suppliers to caterers, has signed a confidentiality agreement, The New York Times reports. This hasn’t kept journalists from descending on the town, and residents have been complaining to the police about trespassing reporters. Two Norwegian photographers have already been arrested for entering Astor Court, the presumed location of the wedding. Nevertheless, the Rhinebeck residents who aren’t sworn to secrecy have expressed excitement about the wedding and are optimistic that it will put the town in people’s minds as a possible wedding location or vacation destination. The Upstate New York town is dotted with farms and wineries and is the site of several celebrities’ weekend houses, including those of Liam Neeson and Annie Leibovitz.