Election 2010

Tea Party Wins in Delaware, NY

The Tea Party won the battle Tuesday night; does this mean Democrats will win the war in November? Tea Party candidates pulled off upsets in Delaware and New York. In Delaware, Tea Partier Christine O’Donnell upset Rep. Mike Castle in his bid for the GOP nomination for Joe Biden’s old Senate seat—a seat that, had he been successful, he would have easily won. O’Donnell won 53-47, but even the NRSC isn’t too keen on O’Donnell’s chances to win again in November—an official tells The Wall Street Journal that it won’t be putting any money into O’Donnell’s campaign. Meanwhile, in New York, Tea Partier Carl Paladino upset Rick Lazio in order to become the Republican nominee for governor, though neither candidate was expected to have much of a chance against Democratic nominee Andrew Cuomo. And the race for the Republican nominee for New Hampshire’s open Senate seat went, by a slim margin, to establishment candidate and state Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, who beat Tea Partier Ovide Lamontagne.