Craigslist Congressman's New Scandal

Looks like one of history’s quickest political scandals might not be over so fast after all: Gawker reported Friday that the “Craigslist congressman,” former New York Rep. Chris Lee, had trolled the personal ads in the past for cross dressers. Lee resigned this month hours after Gawker published shirtless photos Lee sent a woman he met via Craigslist. But it looks like that isn’t the whole story: Two D.C.-area transgendered women have come forward to Gawker and each had a separate story about emailing photos with the ex-congressman. One woman, Fiona, said she confronted him about his true identity on Jan. 21—the day Lee claimed his email was hacked. The other, Holly, is a prostitute who eventually decided to send Gawker the emails she exchanged with Lee, writing “I kinda feel sorry for him at the moment.”