Paul Revere's Wiki Page Altered

Google Paul Revere and you might find on Wikipedia that the mission of his midnight ride was "to warn the British that were already there... That, hey, you're not going to succeed." It’s one of dozens of changes that were made to Revere's Wiki page after Sarah Palin stated her unique take on his role in the start of the Revolutionary War. Wikimedia Foundation spokesman Jay Walsh said the site has a crew of fact checkers who are constantly checking to see that all Wiki info is accurate, and online editor and contributor Jeff Schneider added that the site was "semi" protected by a system that prevents unregistered users or unconfirmed accounts from making edits. However, neither could account for a chat connected to the page with headlines reading, "Sarah Palin's army needs to go away." But Schneider confirmed that he personally removed additions to the site based on Palin's video interviews, which he said weren't "reliable sources."