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    North Dakota City Evacuated

    The Souris River passes near a home Tuesday, June 21, 2011, in Minot, N.D. About 11,000 Minot residents are being ordered to leave their homes even earlier than expected this week as the river gets closer to swamping the North Dakota city with the worst flooding in four decades, officials said Tuesday. (AP Photo/ The Forum, Teri Finneman)

    Teri Finneman

    Evacuations of Minot, North Dakota began Wednesday as a historic flood is expected to engulf much of the city. The Souris River had not been expected to breach the town’s levees until later this week, but waters are already reaching record levels and overtopping levees in the afternoon. The town of Minot is located in a river basin which has received almost 200 percent more rainfall than usual over the past two months. The Souris River is expected to rise above a previous record of 1,558 feet on Thursday or Friday.

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