Prosecutors: Bulger May Have More Cash

WBUR 90.9 / AP Photo

Federal prosecutors believe that Whitey Bulger may have more cash stowed away, after the FBI found $800,000 in his Santa Monica apartment on Wednesday night. The fugitive mobster, who was arrested this week after 16 years on the run, requested a government-paid defense attorney when summoned to court in Boston on Friday, saying he didn't have enough money to pay for one himself. But prosecutors find it hard to believe that he doesn't have another secret stash, according to the Boston Globe. The "Hannibal Lector of South Boston" is being charged with a slew of hideous crimes, including 19 killings, and will be charged with two separate federal indictments. Reports say he appeared calm in court and was even cheeky with the judge, saying he could only afford a lawyer "if you gave me my money back."