1. Supreme Court

    Conservative Justices Rule 2011 Term

    Garrison Scott,14, and Dewey Bowman,13, play Time Crisis II September 12, 2000 at the Family Fun Center in Albuquerque, N.M. The Federal Trade Commission released a report stating the movie, video game and music industries aggressively market to underage youths violent films and products that carry adult ratings.

    Joe Raedle, Newsmakers / Getty Images

    The Supreme Court ended the 2011 term with a 7-2 decision overturning a ban of the sale of violent video games to minors in California—a rare consensus. One-fifth of the court’s decisions this term, or 16 cases, were decided 5-4, with Justice Anthony Kennedy casting the deciding vote 14 times. Usually, those votes went the conservatives’ way: Key conservative victories include campaign-finance decisions favoring free speech for corporations and victories for corporations, like Walmart, in class-action cases. The biggest victory for liberals was, perhaps, the decision to order California to address prison overcrowding.

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