Yemeni Military: 40 Militants Killed

    Armed Yemeni tribesmen on a street in Sana'a, Yemen, 30 May 2011. According to media sources, Yemen's military used aircraft to attack suspected militant positions near Zinjibar city, after four Yemeni soldiers were killed when militants ambushed a military convoy overnight in the area. Officials said that Zinjibar, the capital of Abyan province, fell to a Yemeni-based affiliate of al-Qaeda.  Yemeni opposition parties and members of the military, who had defected from President Ali Abdullah Saleh's regime, accused the government of 'leaving the city for militants' in order to scare the West into backing Saleh, who faces months of street protests demanding his ousting immediately.

    EPA / Landov

    Don't count out Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh yet: After the opposition accused Saleh’s government of letting jihadists take over Abyan province in order to play up the threat they pose and maintain his hold on power, Yemeni forces hit the area hard, killing 40 militants in the last two days, officials say. Militants had taken over the town of Zinjibar on Yemen’s southern coast. Two government soldiers were killed. But Saleh still faces tough odds. He’s currently in Saudi Arabia receiving treatment for injuries he received during unrest, and many observers don’t expect him to return home. Still, his regime has resisted intense pressure from regional allies, internal enemies, and Western nations to leave.

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