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TERROR Al Qaeda Site Wants Letterman Dead John Paul Filo, CBS / AP Photo

Al Qaeda Site Wants Letterman Dead

After 10 years of terrorist jokes, did David Letterman finally cross the line? On the website Shumukh-al-Islam, regularly visited by Al Qaeda, one disgruntled user issued a rallying cry for Muslims to attack the CBS late-night host. Apparently, Letterman mocked the death of Ilyas Kashmiri, a terrorist leader killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan in June. The angry poster wrote: “Is there not amongst you a Sayyid Nosair al-Masri (may Allah release him) to cut the tongue of this lowly Jew and shut it forever. Just as Sayyid (may Allah release him) did with the Jew Kahane.”

August 17, 2011 4:27 PM