430,000 Protest in Israel

Menahem Kahana / AFP-Getty Images

Israelis demonstrate in the center of Tel Aviv on September 3, 2011 to protest against rising housing prices and social inequalities in the Jewish state. More than 400,000 Israelis poured into streets across the Jewish state on Saturday to protest the high cost of living, after organizers called for a "million-man march" to revitalize their movement. The estimated figures were record-breaking, exceeding the 300,000 people who took part in similar demonstration on August 6, and lending new life to the six-week old movement calling for sweeping economic reforms.

Some 430,000 people took to the streets in rallies across Israel Saturday night to demand social justice, a lower cost of living, and government responses to middle-class concerns. It was the country's biggest-ever demonstration. The rallies were the culmination of 50 days of protests that have seen a new social movement transform the political landscape in the country. The biggest march was in Tel Aviv, where up to 300,000 took part. There was an unprecedented 50,000-strong protest in Jerusalem and a 40,000-strong showing in Haifa.