Wounded Grizzly Kills Hunter

    Two grizzly bears fight at Madrid's zoo on July 7, 2010 on a hot summer day. AFP PHOTO/DANI POZO (Photo credit should read DANI POZO/AFP/Getty Images)

    DANI POZO / Getty Images

    A hunter was killed by a wounded grizzly bear in Idaho after he yelled out at the animal to lure it away from his younger hunting partner, according to the man's family. Steve Stevenson, 39, who shot the bear, died in the attack on the Idaho-Montana border. He was at least the third person killed by grizzlies in the U.S. since July. He and Ty Bell, 20, were part of a four-man hunting party from Nevada tracking black bears in the mountains. "They both shot it and it kept coming," Stevenson's mother, Janet Price, said. "Steve yelled at it to try and distract it, and it swung around and took him down. It's what my son would have done automatically, for anybody."

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