Plane Hits Ferris Wheel in Australia


Children trapped on a ferris wheel are seen after an ultra-light plane crashed into it at a fair near Taree, Australia, October 1, 2011. Four people were trapped on the ferris wheel after the accident, local media reported.

They must have really wanted to go on the ride. An ultralight plane crashed into a Ferris wheel in Australia's New South Wales Saturday, but luckily the two plane occupants and two kids on the ride were not injured. The Cheetah S200 aircraft was dangling 40 feet from the ground at a fair in the town of Old Bar, Australia. A 13-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy were shocked when they saw the plane coming at the Ferris wheel, and all four of them were trapped for more than an hour. The two children, the pilot, 53, and his passenger, 32, were taken down in a crane.