1. Strife

    Boston Police Arrest 100 Protesters

    A protestor who is part of the "Occupy Boston" group is led off by police during a stand off with Boston Police at the Charlestown Bridge in Boston, Monday afternoon, Oct. 10, 2011. (AP Photo/Josh Reynolds)

    Josh Reynolds / AP Photo

    It’s not just the NYPD making mass arrests: the Boston Police Department arrested 100 Occupy Boston protesters early Tuesday after they refused to vacate the recently renovated Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway for other nearby spaces. The arrests took place at 1:20 a.m., and no police or protesters were injured. Police entered the park after giving a warning, put individual protesters on their stomachs, and cable-tied them, as other officers went about tearing down tents. In New York, meanwhile, Occupy Wall Street protesters are planning Tuesday to march by the homes of some of the city’s richest residents, including News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, and conservative billionaire David Koch.

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