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    Israel’s Gilad Shalit Freed

    In this image from Egypt TV Tuesday Oct 18 2011 Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit is seen at an undisclosed location, during a pre-recorded interview released Tuesday.  Schalit was moved to Egypt from captivity in Gaza and then on to Israel an elaborate prisoner swap deal in which hundreds of Palestinian inmates are to be freed in return for the captured tank crewman.  (AP Photo/ Egypt TV) TV OUT NO SALES

    Egypt TV / AP Photo

    After more than five years as a prisoner of Hamas, the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was freed on Tuesday. The move came after Israel transferred hundreds of Palestinian prisoners to Egypt for their eventual releases into the Gaza Strip or abroad. Shalit is “alive and well,” according to the IDF, and he has already returned to Israel, where his family greeted him at the border. Israel will release a total of 1,027 prisoners in exchange for Shalit. An Israeli military official told the Associated Press that Shalit showed signs of malnutrition and lack of exposure to sunlight.

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