1. Earthquake

    Baby Rescued From Turkey Rubble

    A Turkish medical doctor carries Azra Karaduman, a two-week-old baby girl saved by Turkish rescuers who continue to work to save people trapped under debris of a collapsed building in Ercis, Van, eastern Turkey, Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011. At least 366 people are killed after powerful Sunday quake in eastern Turkey.(AP Photo)

    AP Photo

    A 2-week-old baby girl has been rescued from a fallen building in southeast Turkey, 72 hours after the 7.2 earthquake struck the region. The baby, Azra Karaduman, was pulled naked from the rubble, wrapped in a blanket, and handed over to paramedics. Rescuers later pulled her mother from the rubble, but her father is still reported to be trapped. At least 366 people died in the earthquake.

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