Egypt Brutally Clears Tahrir Square

    Image #: 16038803    epa03009491 An Egyptian protester stands in font of  security forces, during clashes, in Cairo, Egypt, 20 November 2011. According to media sources, hundreds of protesters took control of Tahrir Square in the Egyptian capital on 20 November, following violent overnight clashes with security forces in which two people were killed and hundreds injured. The protesters were guarding the entrances to the iconic square in central Cairo, from which security forces were forced to withdraw after clashes in which teargas, rubber bullets and shotguns were reportedly used against the demonstrators. Security forces were deployed to protect the nearby headquarters of the Interior Ministry, while traffic was being redirected from the square.  EPA/KHALED ELFIQI /LANDOV

    KHALED ELFIQI / Getty Images

    Police in Egypt continued to fire tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters occupying Cairo's Tahrir Square as clashes spilled into a second day on Sunday. More than 900 people have been injured, and thirteen have been killed, according to Egyptian doctors. "The violence yesterday shows us that Mubarak is still in power," one demonstrator told the AP, referring to the longtime leader thrown out in a revolt this year. Demonstrators are unhappy with the military regime that has "temporarily" taken over power amid controversy ahead of parliamentary elections. The police arrested 18 people and promptly transferred them to a military prosecutor.

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