Egypt Raids Condemned

Filippo Monteforte, AFP / Getty Images

Egyptian protesters chant slogans during a demonstration in Cairo's Tahrir Square on December 30, 2011. A major clampdown on human rights groups in Egypt has called into question the ruling military's pledges of reform, drawing a torrent of criticism of its handling of the transition from Hosni Mubarak.

Germany has summoned Egypt’s ambassador in Berlin to protest against raids on pro-civil-rights groups in Cairo on Thursday, including Germany’s Konrad Adenauer Foundation and two pro-democracy U.S. groups. Egypt’s military rulers stormed the offices of 17 civil-society groups in the country’s capital. Germany’s Foreign Ministry called the raids “unacceptable,” while human-rights leaders in Egypt compared them to Mubarak-era tactics used to silence anti-government protesters. The United Nations also condemned the attacks as “unnecessarily heavy-handed” and “clearly designed to intimidate human rights defenders.” The raids were part of an Egyptian investigation into foreign funding of its pro-democracy groups.