1. Cold Comfort

    Shipwreck Customers Get Discount

    Image #: 16568833    epa03063964 The Italian Navy use explosives on the Costa Concordia cruise ship off Giglio Island, Italy, 17 January 2012. Reports state that after an overnight break in operations rescuers resumed their search on the cruise ship Costa Concordia, using explosives to blast debris and other obstacles out of their path, Italian coast guard spokesman Filippo Marini said. 'We want to take advantage of the good weather to try to make as much progress as possible,' in the search for possible survivors, Marini added.  EPA/ENZO RUSSO /LANDOV

    Enzo Russo / EPA-Landov

    Some publicity campaigns do more harm than good. Carnival Corp. is reportedly offering victims of the Costa Concordia cruise disaster 30 percent off future cruises. Meanwhile, Italian officials says there may have been several unregistered passengers aboard the ship, making it hard to say exactly how many people are still missing. The ship’s captain, in a leaked interrogation, is now claiming he piloted the ship near the shore under orders from the company as part of a publicity stunt—what he calls a “recurring practice.” Costa Cruises has denied all allegations.

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