Hillary Clinton Ready to Leave Politics

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answers a question on a video purporting to show US Marines urinating on corpses of insurgents during a press conference with Algerian Foreign Minister at the State Department in Washington, DC, on January 12, 2012. Clinton joined her voice with US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta who called the footage, which was posted online, "utterly deplorable" and vowed that "those found to have engaged in such conduct will be held accountable to the fullest extent". The US military said it was investigating the "disgusting" video of what appears to be four servicemen dressed in United States military uniform urinating onto three bloodied bodies. AFP Photo/Jewel Samad (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

    Jewel Samad, AFP / Getty Images

    It’s not the first time she’s said she’s getting out of politics after her current job, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made it clear Thursday that she’s ready to call it quits. In a meeting with State Department employees, Clinton said she’s tuckered out after 20 years on “the high wire of American politics.” She said she will finish her term and, if President Obama wins re-election in November, will serve with him until he finds a replacement. She hasn’t been following the election season or the GOP debates, which she acknowledged was “a little odd” for her. But after being first lady, senator, an aspiring presidential candidate and finally Secretary of State, Clinton said “it would probably be a good idea just to find out how tired I am.”

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