Pakistan Denies Taliban Accusations

    Image #: 16291863    epa03034552 A picture made available on 15 December 2011 shows masked Pakistani Taliban militants during exercises in lawless Pakistan-Afghanistan border area of Laddah in South Wazirsitan tribal agency, Pakistan, 11 December 2011. Reports state that Pakistan is under intense pressure to eliminate sanctuaries of Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters in its tribal region, as militants respond by intensifying attacks on security and government installations across the country.  EPA/SAOOD REHMAN /LANDOV

    Saood Rehman, EPA / Landov

    A classified NATO report obtained by the BBC, based on thousands of interrogations, concludes that the Taliban has widespread support among the Afghan people and is being directly assisted by Pakistan’s intelligence service. Pakistan's foreign minister strongly rejected the report, while a senior security official in Islamabad said the report was the result of Western troops losing ground in Afghanistan. The NATO report is based on 27,000 interrogations of more than 4,000 captured Taliban and al Qaeda members as well as civilians. One senior al Qaeda detainee says, “The Taliban are not Islam. The Taliban are Islamabad.” The report also says that the Taliban are increasingly popular in Afghanistan.

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