Good One

Newt Jokes About Immigrant Tracker

After a rousing introduction from wife Callista, which included assurances that he is an “enthusiastic” golfer and has a Kindle filled with leather-bound e-books, Newt Gingrich made the Conservative Political Action Committee crowd laugh with a hilarious immigrant joke. What’s the deal with illegal immigration? Gingrich would like to know. I mean, UPS can track packages, but “the U.S. government cannot find 11 million illegal immigrants, even if they’re sitting still. Now I have a proposal we send a package to everyone who’s here illegally, and when it’s delivered, we pull it up on a computer, we know where we are.” The audience loved it, but aware that there might be some PC police in the room, Gingrich clarified, “Let me say to my friends in the news media that that was hyperbole, and we don’t need a fact check.”