Human Bones Found on Long Island

    Crime Scene investigators use metal detectors to search a marsh for the remains of Shannan Gilbert on Monday, Dec. 12, 2011 in Oak Beach, New York.  Gilbert was last seen in 2010 running hysterically from a client's home in Oak Beach, where 10 slain victims were found during a search for her remains. This week, police found her personal effects in the marshland near Oak Beach. (AP Photo/James Carbone, Pool)

    James Carbone / AP Photo

    Skeletal remains were found Saturday in a wooded area in eastern Long Island, which could tie into a search for a serial killer. The police have not been able to identify the age or gender of the remains yet and do not know whether they are connected to an ongoing serial-killer investigation. The remains were found near where body parts from two other women were found—and other body parts from those same victims were then found on another beach on Long Island, where bodies of eight other people have been found. Police believe a serial killer could be responsible for the deaths.

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