5 More Bodies Found in Shipwreck

    GIGLIO PORTO, ITALY - MARCH 02:  Kevin Rebello passes time watching the stricken ship Costa Concordia where his brother disappeared on March 2, 2012 in Giglio Porto, Italy. Kevin Rebello, brother of 32-year-old Indian waiter Russel who worked on the Costa Concordia and families Blemand and Litzler whose sons the 25-year-old Michel Blemand and his girlfriend 23-year-old  Mylen Litzler were traveling on the ship on the night of the sinking, are still in the Isola del Giglio and wish to remain on the island until the bodies of their loved ones are found. The official death toll is now 25, with a further 7 people still missing.  (Photo by Laura Lezza/Getty Images)

    Laura Lezza / Getty Images

    Italian divers on Thursday found five more bodies aboard the shipwrecked cruiseliner Costa Concordia, leaving two people still missing two months after the ship ran aground off the cost of Giglio, Italy. Searchers announced Thursday afternoon that they had found three more bodies, and then authorities said later in the day that two more bodies had been found nearby. Authorities said the bodies were found outside the ship, in a small space between the wreck and the sea bed. This brings the official death toll up to 30.

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