CIA Drones Gathered Intel on Iran

    A US Predator unmanned drone armed with a missile stands on the tarmac of Kandahar military airport as Afghan President Hamid Karzai spoke at a meeting with tribal leaders in Kandahar city, Afghanistan, Sunday June 13, 2010.  President Karzai appealed to hundreds of tribal and religious leaders to support a major operation in their southern province, the heartland of a Taliban insurgency. Karzai, accompanied by top NATO commander US General Stanley McChrystal, spoke to representatives and residents in Kandahar about renewed efforts to bring stability to the war-weary province. (AP Photo//Massoud Hossaini, Pool)

    Massoud Hossaini / AP Photo

    The United States has a trump card to play in negotiations with Iran—three years’ worth of intelligence materials gathered by secret drone flights over sensitive locations. Intelligence experts told The Washington Post that there was “never even a ripple” in Iran’s air-defense system when an American drone first penetrated deep into the country to gather information on its developing nuclear program. The National Security Agency also developed a task force of spies and eavesdropping efforts. Together the improved state of American intelligence files on the Islamic Republic strengthen the country’s bargaining power going into fresh nuclear talks scheduled for Friday.

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