1. Mayday

    Small Plane Crashes in Gulf of Mexico

    This computer-generated image provided by FlightAware, a private aviation flight path service, shows a flightmap of a Cessna that went down in the Gulf of Mexico Thursday, April 19, 2012.  The small plane went down some 120 miles (190 kilometers) west of Tampa, Fla., said Petty Officer Elizabeth Boderland with the Coast Guard in New Orleans.  Two F-15 fighter jets tried to make contact with the unresponsive pilot, authorities said. The plane landed softly in the water and was intact, floating right side up.  Boderland did not know the condition of the pilot. (AP Photo/FlightAware)

    AP Photo

    A small Cessna crashed into the Gulf of Mexico Thursday after two F-15 fighter jets tried to make contact with it. The military pilots said the Cessna’s windshield was iced over and the pilot was unresponsive. The FAA lost contact with the aircraft, which was flying from Louisiana to Florida’s west coast Thursday morning. Only one person was believed to be aboard the aircraft, and there were no signs that the pilot survived the crash even though the plane was intact and floating right-side-up in the water.

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