South Sudanese Villages Bombed

    Soldiers of the South-Sudan's Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) leave the Rubkona Military Hospital in Rubkona, South Sudan, on April 20, 2012. South Sudan on April 20 ordered an end to its 10-day occupation of Sudan's main oilfield at Heglig, a move which had sparked fears of a wider war, but Sudan said its forces had chased them out. Border clashes between Sudan and South Sudan escalated last week with waves of air strikes hitting the South, and Juba seizing the Heglig oil hub on April 10.  AFP PHOTO / ADRIANE O'HANESIAN (Photo credit should read ADRIANE OHANESIAN/AFP/Getty Images)


    Sudan reportedly directed airstrikes against villages in South Sudan Monday as the two countries feud over an oil-rich border region. South Sudan recently pulled its forces out of the border area of Heglig after the United Nations stepped in. The bombing Monday reportedly targeted the towns of Bentiu and Rubkona in South Sudan, which gained its independence from Sudan last July. The African Union has planned talks for later in the week to attempt some reconciliation between the predominantly animist and Christian South Sudan and largely Muslim Sudan.

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