5 Priests Booted From Ministry

    Parents and victims of priest abuse from around the world hold banners reading 'Justice' and 'Shame' during a demonstration in Rome on the background of the Vatican dome on October 31, 2010. Clerical sex abuse victims from across the world on Sunday took their calls for justice from Pope Benedict XVI to the doors of the Vatican itself.    Close to a hundred protesters -- victims of abuse and their families -- gathered in Rome before leading a candle-lit vigil to the edge of St Peter's Square on which they will leave personal messages for the leader of the Roman Catholic Church.
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    Vincenzo Pinto, AFP / Getty Images

    In an investigation of 17 Roman Catholic priests, five were deemed unsuitable to stay in the Philadelphia ministry because of sexual-abuse allegations. The inquiry comes during the trial for a former top aide at the archdiocese, who allegedly mishandled and discredited 12 years of abuse complaints in the area. The grand-jury investigation that led to the trial also claimed there were dozens of abusive priests still employed by the church. In response, the archdiocese hired a former child-sex-crimes prosecutor to reopen all the former allegations against current priests.

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