EU Navy Raids Somali Pirates

    NORTHERN ARABIAN SEA - JANUARY 5:  In this handout provided by the U.S. Navy, U.S. sailors assigned to the guided missile destroyer USS Momsen (DDG 92) respond to a medical emergency aboard the Iranian fishing vessel Al Molai off the coast of Somalia approximately 400 nautical miles north of the Republic of Seychelles January 5, 2011 in the Arabian Sea. Tha Al Molai, which had been held captive by pirates for more than 40 days, had issued a distress call on Thursday, to which U.S. forces responded, according to the Navy. The rescue comes amid escalating tensions over an Iranian threat to close the Straight of Hormuz in response to sanctions over Iran's nuclear enrichment program. Momsen is assigned to Combined Task Force 151 supporting counter-piracy operations in the Somali Basin and Gulf of Aden. (Photo by U.S. Navy via Getty Images )

    U.S. Navy via Getty Images

    European Union naval forces on Monday night carried out their first raid on mainland Somali pirate bases—and said several of the pirates’ boats have been destroyed. Pirates based in Somalia are believed to be holding about 17 ships and 300 crew, including a Greek oil tanker that was attacked in the Arabian Sea just last week. The raid was carried out overnight and European forces said no Somalis were injured. While the EU has been reluctant to carry out a land-based attack for fear of the crew on the ships, the multinational forces recently agreed to expand operations to land as well as sea.

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