Indonesian Gaga Show Canceled

    Indonesian Islamic hardliners chanting "go to hell Lady Gaga" stage a protest against US pop diva Lady Gaga's upcoming Jakarta concert in front of the Security Ministry in Jakarta on May 25, 2012.  Police in Indonesia, after refusing a permit for Lady Gaga to perform in Jakarta, said they were considering an offer from her local promoters to tone down the pop superstar's racy show.  AFP PHOTO / OSCAR SIAGIAN        (Photo credit should read OSCAR SIAGIAN/AFP/GettyImages)

    Oscar Siagian / AFP-Getty Images

    Do they know she’s not an actual monster? Lady Gaga’s management decided to pull the plug on a show in Jakarta after hardline Muslim religious groups said they’d prevent her from even getting off her plane in Indonesia. The show had sold more than 50,000 tickets in the country, which has the largest number of Muslims in the world. The Islamic Defenders Front, which called Gaga the “devil’s messenger” in its protests of her planned show, said it is “grateful that she has decided not to come. Indonesians will be protected from sin brought by this Mother Monster, the destroyer of morals.” A spokesman for the group encouraged Gaga’s fans to “repent and stop worshiping the devil.”

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