Exit Polls: Pena Nieto Wins

    Women cast their votes at a polling station in Ajijic, Jalisco State, Mexico, on election day on July 1, 2012. Polls opened Sunday in Mexico's presidential election, in which voters exhausted by violence seem prepared to bring the PRI, the party that ran the country for seven decades, back to office. Mexican presidents are elected by simple majority for six-year terms and are banned from running for re-election.    AFP PHOTO/Hector GUERRERO        (Photo credit should read HECTOR GUERRERO/AFP/GettyImages)

    Hector Guerrero, AFP / Getty Images

    Exit polls on Sunday night indicated Enrique Pena Nieto won the country's election, Mexican state television reported. Pena Nieto will restore to power the Institutional Revolutionary Party, which was ousted from office 12 years ago after holding a monopoly for 70 years. Called the “largest and most complex election” ever to be held in Mexico, 79 million people are registered to vote Sunday, including 3.5 million first-time voters.

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