Witnesses Recount Theater Horror

Barry Gutierrez / AP Photo

Judy Goos, center left, hugs her daughter's friend, Isaiah Bow, 20, while eyewitnesses Emma Goos, 19, left, and Terrell Wallin, 20, right, gather outside Gateway High School where witnesses were brought for questioning Friday, July 20, 2012, in Aurora, Colo.

Witness accounts are streaming in from Aurora, Colo., where a gunman opened fire at a movie theater this morning, killing 12 and wounding scores more. “I just saw dead bodies everywhere,” Jennifer Seeger, 22, told The Daily Beast. “There was a girl who was lifeless on the stairs. I saw a gentleman who was moaning and groaning.” Other witnesses described scenes of confusion and horror to The Associated Press. Sylvana Guillen, 20, said the alleged shooter, James Holmes, appeared dressed as a SWAT team member and told her friend, “You better get ready to be shot.” And Tanner Coon, while making his escape, tried to rouse a woman covered in blood, but couldn’t—he “presumed she was dead.” People in the adjacent theater also saw bullet holes appear in the wall about 20 minutes into the movie.