More Agents Used Prostitutes

    View of the Hotel Caribe in Cartagena, Colombia on April 25, 2012, where US Secret Service agents stayed earlier this month for the Summit of the Americas and would have hired prostitutes. US Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano assured probing senators on Wednesday that the Secret Service agent misconduct in Colombia never jeopardized President Barack Obama's safety. AFP PHOTO/Manuel Pedraza        (Photo credit should read MANUEL PEDRAZA/AFP/GettyImages)

    Manuel Pedraza / AFP / Getty Images

    Apparently there's more dirty laundry to be aired from the Secret Service and military prostitution scandal in Colombia. The Associated Press has obtained a report with fresh details from an investigation that says up to 12 service members brought prostitutes to their hotel rooms in Colombia before President Obama's arrival. Nine service members were reprimanded, not charged, several weeks ago, but now it looks as though others may be punished, too. The investigation says hotel staff complained to U.S. officials about the service members' frequent visitors. 

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