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    Video May Show Captive Iranians

    Image #: 18894443    epa03342201 A grab from a handout video made available by Al-Arabiya channel on 05 August 2012, stating it shows a man dressed as an officer of the Free Syrian Army (R) called Abdul Nasser al-Shumeir, and the group of kinapped Iranians sitting behind him, in an unspecified location in Syria. According to media reports on 05 August, members of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard were among the Iranians kidnapped by rebels from a bus in Damascus, a Syrian who defected from the army to join the rebels claimed in video broadcast on 05 August by Al-Arabiya. The Iranian consulate in Damascus said on 04 August that 47 Iranian pilgrims were kidnapped by 'armed terrorist groups' in the Syrian capital while on their way to the airport.  EPA/AL ARABIYA HANDOUT BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE. EPA IS USING AN IMAGE FROM AN ALTERNATIVE SOURCE AND CANNOT PROVIDE CONFIRMATION OF CONTENT, AUTHENTICITY, PLACE, DATE AND SOURCE. HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES /LANDOV

    Al Arabiya, EPA / Landov

    A video possibly of Iranian pilgrims abducted in Damascus on Friday has emerged. Aired on the station Al Arabiya, the footage purports to show the group of Iranians surrounded by Syrian rebels—including one who says that the Iranians include members of the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guard and that they were on a “reconnaissance mission.” Forty-eight people were abducted during a visit to a shrine in Syria, Iranian state media said, and government officials reportedly requested help from Turkey and Qatar to secure the group’s freedom.

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